About attachment of earnings orders and what to do if you receive an order for one of your employees.

About attachment of earnings orders

  • It is an order to take money directly from the wage of one of your employees to pay off their council tax.
  • It sets out how much council tax is owed and your responsibility to comply with the order.
  • We send a copy to you, and one to your employee at their last known address.
  • We can issue two orders to be deducted from your employee's wage at the same time.

What to do if you receive an attachment of earnings order

  • Start to make deductions from your employee's net earnings.
  • Tell the employee that the deductions are taking place.
  • Stop making deductions once the amount on the order has been paid.
  • You can also deduct an additional £1 per order to cover your own administrative costs.
  • If you willingly refuse to enforce an order, we can summons you to court and you could receive a fine.

If the person no longer works for you, has never worked for you or their details are wrong

  • If the person no longer works for you, please give us their new employment details if you have them.
  • Let us know if the person's details are wrong, or if you have received an order for someone who has never worked for you.

Calculate deductions

Use this calculator to work out how much to deduct from your employees salary.



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