Development support is available for organisations which keep adults active, involved and independent in their communities.

Urgent support for groups affected by council grant changes

If you currently receive a grant from Community Partnerships, you should have received a letter outlining changes to council grant funding, and offering you support.

There will be further support advertised.

Help for individual groups

If your organisation delivers early intervention and prevention activities in the community, we can help you to provide good quality services.

Development support is tailored to each organisation's requirements, and can include help to:

  • Set up a new community group
  • Set up new activities or change/develop existing ones
  • Use existing information and intelligence to identify potential new areas of work
  • Expand an organisation's current offer and/or diversify into other areas of work
  • Build relationships with other organisations
  • Make links with relevant referral agencies
  • Identify sources of grants and other funding
  • Write a business plan
  • Write or update policies and procedures
  • Get ready to take on service contracts
  • Innovate and test new ways of working.

Your committee, trustees or directors must agree what your organisation's development goals and priorities are. One of our development officers can help you do this, and will also help you put a plan in place to achieve your aims.

Contact us to request some development support.

Support for development projects

We also provide a range of development support for services and partnership groups. Contact us if you think we can help you with any of the following:

  • New work that focuses on building people's independence or reducing their reliance on health and social care services
  • Facilitating partnership working between the voluntary and community sector (VCS) and statutory sector
  • Encouraging challenge and change
  • Building community networks.


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