This session is beneficial for carers who may be caring for someone who has memory loss problems which may not be as a result of Alzheimer's or Dementia or those who are awaiting diagnosis.


Sessions are 2 and half hours


The session is free for carers in Kirklees


  • The different forms of memory loss problems
  • Behaviours associated with memory loss
  • The emotional well-being of carers
  • Coping strategies
  • Support services

Course dates


  • Wednesday 25th October 10 – 12.30pm

Dewsbury Town Hall 2017 dates

  • Monday 14th August, 10am until 12.30pm
  • Monday 6th November, 1pm until 3.30pm

Huddersfield Town Hall 2017 dates

  • Monday 22nd May, 1pm until 3.30pm
  • Wednesday 16th August, 10.30 until 1pm
  • Wednesday 22nd November, 10.30 until 1pm

Arranging support for the person you care for

If you can't leave the person you care for alone during the course, we can provide support.

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