Information on how carers can get help from the Carers Support Service, help finding a carer support groups and access to free training courses.

Being a carer

A carer is someone who helps another person, usually a relative or friend, in their day-to-day life his care can be provided in the carer’s own home or anywhere else. This is not the same as someone who provides care professionally, or through a voluntary organisation.

Caring for someone covers lots of different things, like helping with their washing, dressing or eating, taking them to regular appointments or keeping them company when they feel lonely or anxious. The amount of help and support a carer might give can vary.

If this sounds like you, you are considered to be a ‘carer.’

Getting the help you need

Information, advice and support for carers in Kirklees is provided by Carers Count , on behalf of the Council.

It's the first place for carers to turn to ask questions about being a carer, health, and care support.

Help they provide

They can provide you with advice and information on a range of issues, including:-

  • help to work out if you need any help and where and how to get it
  • help to claim suitable benefits (for you or the person you care for)
  • advice about local services, support groups and activities
  • access to training and courses
  • a carers newsletter
  • establish if you would benefit from having a carers assessment,
  • help you make your voice heard through the advocacy service if you feel health or care professionals aren’t listening to you

To make an enquiry about the services available, contact Carers count .

Benefits and rights at work

Carer's Allowance is the main benefit for carers. You may be eligible if you are of working age and looking after someone for 35 hours a week or more. For more information and advice go to Carers UK .

If you juggle working and caring, it’s your right to let your workplace know that you are a carer and to find out what support is available.

If you're not sure about your benefits or your rights at work, Carers Count will help you. Just pick up the phone and ask their friendly service.

Support from your GP surgery

It's important to let your GP know you are a carer. They will make sure that you are recorded as being a carer. Ask if your GP surgery has a Carers Champion and what help they can give.

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