Helping homeowners to pay care home fees until their property is sold. You may be able to delay the sale of your home during your lifetime if you are eligible for help. This arrangement is similar to an interest-free loan for the period of the deferred payment agreement.

Eligibility criteria

You may be eligible if;

  • You have been assessed by Kirklees Council's adult social care department as requiring residential or nursing care.
  • Your capital and savings (apart from your home's value) are less that £23,250.
  • You don't want to sell your home or you are unable to sell your home quickly enough to pay for your care.
  • You have a beneficial interest in the property which is worth enough to fund the cost of your care for a minimum period of three years.

How to apply

Deferred payment scheme

If you wish to take advantage of the scheme you will need to agree to the council placing a legal charge on your property and you must sign an agreement to allow this to happen. When the agreement is in place you will be loaned the funds to pay your care home costs that would have been met from the sale of your property. We will recover the full amount of the loan when your property is sold or when you leave the care home.

We will not charge interest on what you owe until 56 days after the termination of the deferred payments agreements. It it important to remember that you will continue to pay a weekly contribution, called an affordable amount based on a Financial assessment.

There are some issues you may want to think about before considering the scheme;

  • A legal charge will be secured against your property giving Kirklees Council the right to reclaim the loan against its eventual sale. You will not be able to sell the property or transfer ownership until the amount loaned has been repaid.
  • You will need to secure and maintain the empty property, pay for buildings contents insurance, and pay heating bills to protect the property from damp and frost.
  • If you rent out the property, you must use the income you receive from this to pay towards your care but this will reduce the amount of the loan.

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