• You must have already applied for building regulations approval.
  • You must have reached a stage of work that needs inspecting. Stages of work that we inspect are included in the form below.

When you don't need a site inspection

Detached garage construction

Exempt if it does not exceed 30 metres square in floor area and is either:

  • more that 1m from any point of the boundary or curtilage; or
  • constructed substantially of non-combustible materials.

Exempt where at ground floor level the floor area does not exceed 30 metres square providing that any glazing incorporated at low levels satisfies the requirement of part N.


Exempt if at ground level with a glazed or translucent roof, floor area not exceeding 30 metres square, providing any low level glazing complies with part N.

Car port

Exempt if it is a single storey less than 30 metres square and open on at least 2 sides.


Exempt unless it is to be used for retailing, packing or exhibiting.

Small detached single storey building

Exempt if not containing sleeping accommodation and the floor area is less than 30 metres square and is constructed of non-combustible material if less than 1 metre from the boundary (if building is less than 15 metres square the second stipulation does not apply).

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