Dogs should be trained to go at home, with faeces disposed of hygienically.

If a dog fouls while being walked, the dog owner or person in charge should clean up immediately.

Many public areas in Kirklees have Dog control orders which designate them as poop scoop areas. If you don't clean up after your dog in these areas you can be issued with a fixed penalty notice, or prosecuted in the Magistrates Court where a fine of up to £1,000 can be made.

If a council officer sees anyone breaking the law we will take action.

We clear dog fouling as part of our normal planned street cleaning.

Report dog fouling

Fill in our simple online form.

Clock Completing this form takes around 5 minutes

Paperclip Information about the dog owner(s) causing the problem, or the most common times that people walk their dogs, are helpful as they let us take specific enforcement action.

If you make a complaint your details are kept confidential.

Report it

After you've reported it

If you don't know which people or times it is happening, your report will help us to decide where we will target any future responsible dog ownership campaigns.

Formal action can be taken if you have seen the dog(s) causing the fouling and it is a a dog control order offence.

If formal action is taken

You will need to give a witness statement and may be required to go to court as a witness on behalf of the council.

If you are not prepared to act as a witness we are restricted to advising offenders.

Fixed penalty notices

If you have received a fixed penalty notice for dog fouling, there will be details on your notice to inform you of what you will need to do, and how to pay it.

'No dog fouling' signs

There are about 15,000 signs fitted to lamp-posts adjacent to roads in Kirklees.

Dog bins

We don't provide dog bins.

Place your properly bagged dog waste in any council litter bin.

Dog glove dispensers

The council in conjunction with some parish councils provides dog glove dispenser in some locations. These have a supply of poop bags in case you have forgotten or used the ones you set out with on your walk.

They are also available from some pet shops and dog training classes.